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Genetics Test Vocabulary Games

phenotypethe actual characteristics that can be observed in an organism
genotypethe genetic makeup of an organism
homozygous2 of the same alleles for a trait
heterozygous2 different alleles for a trait
dominantallele that will show up in the phenotype even if only 1 copy is present
recessivean allele that will show up in the phenotype only if there is no dominant allele to mask it
allelesvarious forms of the same gene
sexual reproductiona type of reproduction in which a cell from the mother combines with a cell from the father, combining the DNA for a new offspring
homologone of each chromosome in a pair
genea unit of herdity found in a specific place on a chromosome
Punnett SquareA tool used to figure out the probability of offspring's genotypes
Gregor MendelUsed pea plants to study how traits are passed from parents to offspring
heredityThe passing of traits from parents to offspring
inherited traitTraits that are passed form parent to offspring through DNA
acquired traittrat that develops later in life
probabilitythe likelihod that a particular event will occur

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