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Intro to Culinary- Stocks and Sauces

Nourishing Elementprovides flavor, nutrients color and gelatin if bones added
MirepoixMix of coursley chopped vegetables
Bouquet garnicombo of fresh herbs & vegetables tied in cheese clothe
Liquid for stockusually water; should be COLD
Impuritiesskimmed off the top while simmering
Brown Stockbones and mirepoix roasted w/tomato product
Saucemade to compliment, not overpower food
Liquid for sauceserves as base or body; can be stock, tomato, milk
Seasoning & Flavoringfinishing touch that can change the character of the sauce
Thickening agentforms of starch that absorb the liquid
Flourmost common thickening agent
Sauce espagnolebrown stock, tomato and seasonings
Tomato saucetomatoe product, flavorings, seasonings and stock
Bechamel sauceroux and thickened milk
"Spanish sauce"Sauce espagnole
"Cream sauce"Bechamel sauce
Veloutelight stock and thickening agent
Hollandaise sauceemulsified egg yolks, butter and lemon juice
"Velvety sauce"Veloute
"Dutch sauce"Hollandaise sauce


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