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Prefixes and Suffixes (Third Grade)

post (postpone)after, behind
pre (precede)before
pro (propel)for, forward
ex (exit)out of, away from
dis (dismiss)not, opposite of, reverse, separate
in (instead)into, on, near, towards
inter (internal)between, among
im (impossible)into, on, towards, not
bi (biweekly)two
tri (triangle)three
re (revise)back, again
un (unequal)not, against, opposite
less (motionless)without, missing
ly (fluently)in the manner of
ed (closed)past tense
or, er (honor/reporter)condition or activity, person or thing that does something
ible, able (solvable/incredible)worth, ability
ing (flooring, swimming)activity, material made for activity
tion (election/vacation)act or condition or state of being

Towne Acres Elementary School

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