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Measureto collect information about an object's size (length, mass, volume) or temperature
Nonstandard unita measurement tool such as paper clips, hands, unifix cubes, pennies, etc.
Standard unita measurement tool such as inches, centimeters, meters, yards, liters, etc.
Metricthe system of measurement: centimeters, meters, liters, degrees Celsius, grams, and kilograms
Standard systemsystem of measurement: inches, feet, yards, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, degrees Fahrenheit, ounces, and pounds
Temperaturedegree of hotness or coldness
Thermometerused to measure temperature; measured in degrees Celsius or in degrees Fahrenheit
Massthe amount of matter in something
Lengthdistance from one end to the other end
Volumethe amount of space something takes up
Bar grapha graph that compares amounts
Line grapha graph on which single pieces of data are plotted and then connected with lines
Picture grapha graph that uses symbols to represent amounts

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