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Test Prep: Derivatives and their English Meanings, pt 1

jejunedull, empty, lacking interest
animadversioncritical remark, censure
tenorthe general drift of something spoken or written
tenaciousholding fast; cohesive, tough
mendaciousdishonest, given to deception
invidioustending to cause animosity, discontent, or envy
abjectlow in spirit or hope; cringing
lugubriousmournful to an exaggerated degree
insidioussly, treacherous; having a gradual effect, subtle
fatuousfoolish, inane, silly
extolto praise highly
sumptuouslavish, luxurious
loquaciousexcessively talkative
timorousof a timid disposition
succoraid, relief
solacecomfort, consolation
propinquitynearness, proximity, kinship
relentto become less stern or severe; to slacken
desiccateto dehydrate, dry
inaneempty, insubstantial, silly, shallow

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