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State and Local Government

This activity covers the following benchmarks: 3.13, 3.11, 3.9, 3.10, 2.12

Florida Declaration of Rightsthe part of the Florida Constitution that lists the rights of Floridians
constitutionthe governing document of the nation or of a state
mayorthe chief executive of a city
governorthe chief executive of a state
lieutenant governorthe 'vice president' of a state
superintendentthe elected or appointed chief executive of a school district
city councilthe lawmaking body of a city
countya political subdivision of a state (e.g. Duval)
case lawlaws established by court decisions instead of legislative action
civil lawsystem of laws centered between private citizens (e.g. contracts, lawsuits, family)
criminal lawsystem of laws concerned with the punishment of lawbreakers
constitutional lawbranch of law dealing with formation, construction, and interpretation of constitutions
statutea written law passed by a legislative body
ordinancea written law passed by a city or county government
military lawsystem of laws governing the conduct of military personnel
juvenile lawsystem of laws centered on minors under the legal age of adulthood
precedenta ruling that is used as the basis for a judicial decision in a later, similar case

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