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Unit 1: Citizenship

C.2.2, C.2.3, C.2.10, C.2.11, C.2.12, C.2.13, C.3.14

citizena legal member of a nation or country
citizenshiphaving the rights, duties, privileges of a citizen
legalallowed by law; related to the law
civicsthe study of citizenship and government
obligationslegally required actions (e.g. obeying the law)
dutyobligations that are legally required actions
jurya group of citizens who are responsible for determining the guilt of the accused in a criminal trial
responsibilityvoluntary actions that serve the community
Selective Serviceregisters young men for the military should the need arise to have a draft
common goodwhat is good for the larger community
biasa prejudice in favor or against someone or something
mediathe main means of mass communication (e.g. broadcast, print, online)
influencethe capacity to have an effect on the behavior of someone else
interest groupa group of people who seek to influence government
lobbyingto seek to influence the lawmaking process
lobbyista person who takes part in an effort to influence the lawmaking process
political action committee (PAC)an organization that raise money to influence elections or lawmaking
public agendapolitical issues that the public believe are important
public policythe principles, often unwritten, on which social laws are based
political communicationhow to communicate with the public regarding political issues and topics
propagandainformation used to promote an idea or persuade people
symbolismthe use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities

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