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Constitution Vocabulary

Match the term to its definition.

Which branch MAKES the laws?The Legislative Branch
Which Branch enforces the laws?The Executive Branch
Which branch settles disputes?The Judicial Branch
What is another word for the House and the Senate?Congress
How many members are in the House?435
This is the Supreme law of the land!The U.S. Constitution
This is what we call the first 10 amendmentsThe Bill of Rights
This concept allows each branch of govt. to have some control over the othersThe Checks and Balances System
Which house of Congress is filled with representative based on the population of each stateHouse of Representatives
Which house of Congress is filled with 2 representatives from each state?Senate House
What is the form of government that consists of a central and state government?Federal Government
Which branch of government consists of the court system?The Judicial Branch
What is the introduction to the Constitution called?The Preamble
How many members are in the Senate?100
What is it called when the President DOES NOT sign a bill?A veto
Name the four freedoms given to us in the First Amendment.The Freedom of religion, press, speech, assembly
Who picks the leader of the House?The President
How old must a person be to run for the Presidency?35 years old
How many years must the president consecutively live in the United States before he can run for the office of the Presidency?14 consecutive years
How long is a Senators term in office?six (6)

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