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databasecollection of data organized in a manner that allows access to use the data
recordsinformation about a given person, product or event
field nameeach fields in the table's unique name
row selectorindicates the field that you are currenly describing
asterikan individual character
question markany collection of characters
redundancystorying the same fact in more than one place
unique indentifiera given client number
primary keyanother word for unique identifier
data typetype of data the field will contain
descriptiondescription of the field
querya question represented in a way that access can understand
running a queryperforming the steps neccessary to obtain the answer
compound criterionmore than one criterion that he data for which you are searching must satisfy
wildcardssymbols that represent any character or combination of characters
restructurechanging the database
indexesused to improve the efficiency of certain operations
field selectorline in the column heading immediately to the right of the name of the column to be resized
validation rulesrules that the data entered by a user must follow
required fieldfield that user must enter data into
range of valuesvalidation rules that can make sure a user's entry lies between a certain range
referential integritythe property that ensures that the value in a foreign key must match that of another table's primary key
searchinglooking for records that satisfy some criteria
groupingcreating groups of records that share some common characteristic
maintaining the databasemodifying the data to keep it up to date

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