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Vol de Nuit : Vocabulaire : Chapitres 10-13

For WORD SEARCH, find the French equivalent of the English clue.

faire demi-tour (m)to turn around or back
l'aile (f)wing
la boussolecompass
une rafaleburst (of wind or of rain)
l'échappement (m)exhaust
contournerto bypass, go around
renoncer (à)to give up
la foifaith
ligoté(e)bound, tied up
avertirto warn
un pontbridge
caréné(e)not hollow-chested, robust
un plicrease, fold, wrinkle
apaiserto calm, to quiet
dominerto look out on (in this context)
répandreto send forth, to spread abroad
se dresserto rise, to stand up
redoutableredoubtable, to be dreaded or feared
vain(e)futile, useless, vain
le sortfate
apprivoiserto tame
s'étirerto stretch
rejetterto cast aside, to reject
renverserto invert, overturn, turn around
s'émouvoirto be roused, be moved, stir
tièdelukewarm, tepid
l'étoffe (f)cloth, fabric, stuff
rudecoarse, rough, rude
bouclerto buckle, to fasten
un cordoncord, twine
le défautbreak, defect, flaw
frotterto rub
redresserto raise, straighten, set upright
faiblirto grow dim or weak
un trouhole, pit
un remouseddy, squall, swirl
un manomètregauge, pressure gauge, manometer
la pelousegrassplot, lawn
plaindreto pity
un puitswell
l'épaisseur (f)densest darkness, distance or stretch (freely), thickness (literally)
du même bordof the same crew, of the same type
redouterto dread, to fear
une broussebrush-covered waste, wilderness
échouerfail, fall through; run ; aground or strand (a ship)
répliquerto reply, to retort
un bilanbalance sheet
riposterto reply (with anger or warmth), to retort
aborderto approach
le menton au poingwith chin resting on one's hand
écarterto put aside, to thrust back
dégagerto disengage, establish, find
à peinescarcely
désavouerto disavow, to disclaim
cependant(in the) meanwhile
un éclair(flash of) lightning
la paumepalm (of the hand)
une margemargin
un éboulementcave-in, landslide
virerto change one's course, tack, turn, veer
TrelewTrelew (city in Argentina, about 700 miles southwest of Buenos Aires, slightly inland)
un bétonconcrete, mortar
donner cherto give much or a lot
l'échappement (m)escapement, exhaust (of a motor)
un néantnothingness, void
tresserto braid, to weave
dru(e)lusty, sturdy, thick
un astrestar
trompeur -eusedelusive, false, misleading
le flotbillow, wave
un rocrock
les épaves (f)wreckage
chiffonné(e)crumpled, rumpled
une déchirurebreak, rent, rift
griffonnerto scrawl, to scribble
ignorerto be ignorant of, not to know
sachez-moilet me know, tell me
Commodoro (Rivadavia)Comodoro Rivadavia (seaport of Argentina, about 900 miles southwest of Buenos Aires)
insoliteunprecedented, unusual
se rabattreto fall (down)
raflerto sweep away
San AntonioSan Antonio (seaport in Argentina, about 550 miles south of Buenos Aires)
les parasites (m)(radio) interference
Foutez-moi la paix.Buzz off! (but a bit stronger)
Bahia BlancaBahia Blanca (city in Argentina, about 375 miles southwest of Buenos Aires)
bouché(e)blocked up
l'aube (f)dawn
coulerto flow, glide, run (of water)
un troupeauflock
AsuncionAsunción (capital of Paraguay)
décollerto undo, to take off (airplane)
découpé(e) (sur)standing out (against)
la chevelure serréeabundant foliage or tresses
inlassablementtirelessly, without ceasing
ordonnerorder, set in order, set right
ébranlerto move, to shake
une fissurefissure, flaw
désormaishenceforth, from this or that time on
un échecfailure, mishap
convoquerto call (together), to summon
écraserto crush, defeat, overcome
un démenticontradiction, proof to the contrary
s'éteindreto be extinguished, go out, die away (of voice)
un passtep
exécutercarry out, execute
balayerto sweep (away)
par plaques (f)in spots
pourrirto get rotten, ruin, rot

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