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The Giver Sec.1 (Ch.1-5)

Vocabulary word games for The Giver by Lois Lowry. Created for grade 6 students.

intriguedinterested or curious about something
adherenceto be able to stick to something
mystifiedto be puzzled by something
obedientlyto be obedient, follow rules and orders
ironica strange twist or coincidence inevents
aptitudea natural talent or ability for a particular activity or job
gravitatingto be drawn to something or someone as in gravity
abandonedto be left behind, forgotten
eldersolder,wiser people of the community
serenepeaceful, calm
palpableccapable of being touched or felt
apprehensivea little bit nervous , affraid
chastiseto be scolded for doing something wrong
chortledsmug type of laughter or chuckle
insightthe power or act of seeing into a situation, a kind of knowing before you have the facts
transgressionmistakes,errors, violation of a law or rule
impatientrestless, anxious for something to happen
nurturerspeople who are incharge of giving love and care to all newborn babies
nondescriptdull, drab, no distinctive qualities
infractionbreaking of a rule
remorseto feel sorry for something you've done, feelings of guilt

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