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Como dijo el otro... As the saying goes...

Fun sayings!
stuff I learned in class each week- some the traditional sayings are translated different in literal English, some are just bizarre! "No hagas las cuentas de la lechera" roughly says "Don't do the calculations for your milk cans."

*note: ' means there is an accent on the previous letter and
~ means the previous n has the ~ over it
Ud. stands for third person Usted she/he/formal you

Como dijo el otro...As the saying goes...
La dulce vida.The sweet life
Ama a tu cama como a ti' mismoLove your bed as yourself
Si ves a alguien descansar, AYU'DALOIf you see someone resting, HELP THEM
Descansar de di'a para que puedas dormir de nocheRest all day so that you can sleep all night
Se nace cansado(a) y se vive para descansarYou're born tired and you live to rest.
El trabajo es segrado; !NO LO TOQUES!Work is sacred; DON'T TOUCH IT!!
Aquello que puedas hacer man~ana, !NO LO HAGAS HOY!That which you can do tomorrow; DON'T DO TODAY!
Trabajo lo menos que puedas; lo que tengas que hacer; !Que Lo haga otro!Work as little as possible; that which has to be done; Let someone else do it!
Calma; nunca nadie dolerse por descansar.Calm down; no one ever hurt themselves from resting.
No hagas las cuentas de la lechera.Don't count your chickens before they're hatched.
De tal palo, tal astilla.Like father, like son.
Ojos que no ven, corazo'n que no siente.Out of sight, out of mind
Quien no se arriesga no pasa la marNothing ventured, nothing gained.
Las paredes oyenThe walls have ears
No hay regla sin excepcio'nEvery rule has an exception.
Donde se hace humo es porque hay fuegoWhere there's smoke there's fire.
A lo hecho, pecho.There's no use crying over spilled milk.
El que no aprende de sus errares, lo repiteIf you don't learn from your mistakes, they'll happen again.
Ni hay nada como el propio hagar, Ni hay nada como el propio hagar, Ni hay nada como el propio hagarThere's no place like home, There's no place like home, There's no place like home

Sen~ora Pin~a

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