Introduction to Sociology
Metropolitan Community College Social Science Instructor
Welcome to SOCI 1010  Introduction to Sociology for Winter 2011-2012

Notes from class are posted by date at the bottom of the list in Useful Links!
Chapter PowerPoints are also listed in Useful Links.  These are not the class notes.  They are the PowerPoint notes that accompany the textbook.  They are for your use but will not be discussed in class.

Below are quizzes for Macionis' Society: The Basics, 11th Edition.   These are to be taken by SOCI 1010 4A students.  They will be made available as we reach that section of the textbook in class.   Class meets at Fort Omaha on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon till 1:55 p.m.

Please NOTE:  If you are in a section of the class that is taught by someone other than Jenni Fauchier, please email your instructor directly.  Do not email Ms Fauchier and do not use the above listed phone number with questions.  Ms Fauchier is simply the moderator of this website.  Check your syllabus for methods to contact your instructor or for online classes, email within your Angel course mail feature. 

Students from any class may see the Macionis website for the 9th edition for practice quizzes for the previous edition of the text.  See useful links below or click here (  We have not asked you to purchase the access code for the new Macionis 'My SOC Lab" link.

In later parts of the class you may have the opportunity to create activities in Quia as part of your learning activity or discussion assignments.  Here is a brief preview of the kinds of activities that can be created using Quia. .  To further explore using Quia, log in at and click "Enter Quia Web" and log in with the username:  socscimetro and the username: student .....    There are some sample activities to explore there.  Click on "play" to see the completed activity and on "edit" to see what is needed to create a similar activity. 

link for the Rosebud website:

For the Frontline episode related to "A Class Divided" with Jane Elliott -- blue-eye/brown-eye experiment go to">
  Your textbook ...
My Quia activities and quizzes
SOC 101 Chapter 1 Research Methods
Chapter 1 Research Vocabulary
Sample Quiz: SOCI 1010
Sample Quiz
Macionis 11 Ch1 Quiz
(30 points)
Chapter 1 Essay Question
Quiz Essay for Chapter 1 (5 points)
SOCI 1010 4A Identifying Variables Ch1
(6 points)
Macionis 11 Ch 2 Quiz
(25 points)
Chapter 2 Essay Question
(8 points) Do not attempt until after watching Chaco Legacy film in class
Macionis 11 Ch3 Quiz
(20 points)
Chapter 3 Essay Question
(10 points) Quiz Essay for Chapter 3
Macionis 11 Ch 4 Quiz
(25 points)
Macionis 11 Ch 5 Quiz
(20 points)
Chapter 4 - 5 Essay Questions do not attempt till after we have covered chapter 5 in class
Quiz Essay for Chapter 4 - 5 (10 points)
Macionis 11 Ch 6 Quiz
(15 points)
Macionis 11 Ch 7 Quiz
(27 points)
Chapter 7 Essay
Quiz Essay for Chapter 7 (10 points)
Macionis 11 Ch 8 Quiz
(20 points)
Macionis 11 Ch 9 Quiz
(20 points)
Chapters 8 - 9 Essay
Quiz Essay for Chapters 8 and 9 (10 points)
Macionis 11 Ch 10 Quiz
(10 points)
Macionis 11 Ch 11 Quiz
(30 points)
Chapter 10-11 Essay do not attempt until we have covered Ch 11 in class
Quiz Essay for Chapters 10 and 11 (15 points)
Macionis 11 Ch 12 Quiz
Macionis 11 Ch 13 Quiz
Macionis 11 Ch 14 Quiz
Macionis 11 Ch 15 Quiz
Macionis 11 Ch 16 Quiz
Useful links
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