The Most Impoortant Message You Have Ever Received
The Online Professor Keith Broaders

The Most Important Message You Have Ever Received

This is by far the most important message I have ever delivered. It needs to be shared with every government official at the city, county, state ad federal level.

It needs to be shared on facebook, twitter and instagram as well as in every newspaper and on every patriotic website. The survival of the united States is at stake as it is absolutely essential that those who love liberty help by sharing this very important message.with as many people as possible.

The foundation of the North American Republic is the 3,142 counties.  The sovereignty of the states depends on the sovereignty of each and every county.

The County Board of Supervisors  has a responsibility to be the advocate for the people of their county and the defender of the U.S. and State Constitution.

Each of the counties in your state has a right to be represented in the state senate, just as each state has a right to be represented in U.S. Senate.

This right was stolen from the states with the ratification of the 17th  Amendment and from the states as the result of a Supreme Court ruling in the Reynolds v Sims decision in 1964. 

The Federal government only has the powers delegated to it in the U.S. Constitution and has no lawful authority to require the states and the counties to lose their equal representation at the state and federal level.

As a member of the Board of County Commissioners you have taken and oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution which requires you to honor your oath by taking action to restore the equal representation of the counties in your state legislature.

Rather than allowing your state senators to be elected directly by the people in your county,, they should be appointed by the County Board of Supervisors.. This change would take the money our of politics.

An Indirect Election of State Senators is how representatives are chosen in a Republic. The Direct Election is how representatives are chosen in a Democracy. The Constitution mandates that each state shall have a Republican form of government.

To access the email addresses and contact information for your county commissioners.Click Here

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