"GETJoB$$ Paid Business Internship Program (No Obligation)

The following survey helps us determine which "Success Path" is best for you or someone you think can use it. Join the challenge to compete for JoB$$, income, and prizes by submitting your application below. Your score on this activity can and may be used to calculate your bonuses. (Exa. $1000 bonus times 25% performance produces a $250.00 bonus.


  1. Write your "Team Name", if you have one. (This can be changed in the future.)

  1. Last Name

  1. First Name

  1. Email Address?

  1. City

  1. State? MI = Michigan NOTE: Be sure to use the 2-letter abbreviation for your state.

  1. Which program(s) are you most interested in receiving more information? Check all that apply.
    NYCE National Youth Center for Entrepreneurship
    Certification-Leadership: Young Governors Association (YGA)
    Certification-Entrepreneurship : Youth Business Clubs (YBC)
    Certification-Media Production Services: (OUR)
    HEAT Helping Educators Ally Tactfully/Campus-Based School Boards
    TEN The Entrepreneur's Network

  1. Choose the desired level of involvement and income? Each project must have at least one Project Manager.
    PM: Project Manager-Expected earnings $10,000-$100,000+ monthly
    PD: Program Director-Expected earnings $5,000-$25,000+ monthly
    TL: Team Leader-Expected earnings $3,000-$10,000 monthly
    TM: Team Member-Expected earnings $1,000 monthly

  1. Choose the focus for your target market. All figures represent national objectives. (Choose all that apply) NOTE:
    Cities - 200 (4 per your state)
    Colleges - 500 (10 per your state)
    School Districts - 1,000 (20 per your state)
    Churches - 5,000 (100 per your state)
    Small Businesses - 5,000 (100 per your state)
    Non-Profits - 5,000 (100 per your state)
    High Schools - 1,000 (20 per your state)
    Middle/Intermediate Schools - 2,000 (40 per your state)
    Elementary Schools - 2,500 (50 per your state)

  1. Select your desired monthly income goal. All contracts are 10-month payroll cycle, i.e. January-May and June-October.
    $500 ($5K annually)
    $1,000 ($10K annually)
    $3,000 ($30K annually)
    $5,000 ($50K annually)
    $10,000 ($100K annually)
    $25,000 ($250K annually)
    $50,000 ($500K annually)
    $100,000+ ($1 million annually)

  1. Which virtual "Open Meeting" Live Webinar would you attend?

  1. How did you find out about the program? (exa. last name, first name)

  1. Which Business Associates referred you? (Store/Back Office #) Use #100014 to join the team, if you do not have a person who referred you. This can be changed in the future.

Errol A. Jones, M.Ed., MBA
Executive Director
Houston, TX