National Youth Center for Entrepreneurship
Errol A. Jones, M.Ed., MBA
Executive Director
Youth Business Clubs
Houston, TX  77099
United States
About me
Our mission is "Community Development through Youth Entrepreneurship".

Students "Earning While Learning" how to build strong communities

WE engage stakeholders in partnership with schools, families, and businesses to improve community-based educational experiences through youth entrepreneurs.

WE impact student performance by focusing on after-school, weekends, and summertime as primary opportunities to engage young people in an entrepreneurship program which encourages, motivates, and compensates.

Successful completion includes:

1) Earning a minimum of $500+ as an entrepreneur AND
2) Completing requirements to be certified as a "Youth Business Specialist"

On another level, 

Dedicated to transforming lives, we enhance the traditional education experience for students, teachers, and parents, and youth workers.

Our goal is to address specific issues related to the effectiveness and efficiency of the public and private school systems measured by student performance indicators.

We are concerned for the development of all students, with special emphasis on those not currently experiencing satisfactory success.
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