SOCI 2060 Sensitivity to Gender Issues -

Answer the questions as a measure of your understanding of gender-related issues.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. A friend has a little boy, Luke, who goes to a preschool with a dress-up center. It is Luke’s preference to play in the kitchen center wearing dresses and aprons and being the “mommy”. When the friend picked him up the staff at the preschool apologized because they had not managed to get him to play in other areas. It was not an issue for your friend, but the staff explained that it had been an issue for other parents when they observed him in the kitchen in a dress.

    Why do you think it was an issue for the other parents?


  1. Why do think it was not an issue for your friend?*

  1. What facts did you assume about the parent when you read the scenario above?*
    He is male
    She is female
    I made no assumptions

  1. Does the sex of the parent matter?*

  1. Would sexual orientation of the parent produce any particular bias on this issue?*

  1. What if Luke’s behavior persisted through elementary and into middle school?
    What would be your major concerns for Luke at that point?

  1. Suppose the scenario involved a female child who wanted to dress as a boy and always wanted to be the “daddy” and pretend to drive a semi-truck. Would the response be different for a girl than your response to Luke's situation?*

  1. What is your age?
    16 - 22
    23 - 30
    31 - 40
    41 - 50
    51 or older

  1. Are you a parent?

  1. What is your sex?

  1. Please indicate the course section for the class in which you are completing this survey. Section number need not be indicated.*