Dine: Chef Says.....Impacting your Chef Skills

Read interview with Chef Kevin Myers in the Valley Guide at http://www.myvirtualpaper.com/doc/MaddenMedia/vgsu11/2011061601/52.html#52 .


  1. How did your culinary style develop?

  1. What is your culinary philosphy?

  1. How is your culinary philosphy reflected in your menus?

  1. What is your favorite restuarant, why?

  1. What restaurant has the best amiance?

  1. Tell us about the best meal you have ever eaten?

  1. What is the best restaurant to take a date?

  1. What food doe you crave?

  1. What ingredients are always in your refrigerator or pantry?

  1. What herbs do you grow?

  1. What is the most exotic ingredient you've ever used or eaten?

  1. What food tips can you share with the class?

Career and Technical Education: Career Exploration/FACS/Culinary Arts Instructor
Bradshaw Mountain High School East/Humboldt Unified School District Office
Prescott Valley, AZ