"GETJoB$$ Interview" Intern Orientation for $500 - $10K+ Income

The following survey helps us determine which "Success Guide" is best for you. Join the challenge to compete for JoB$$, income, and prizes by submitting your application below. Your score on this activity can and may be used to calculate your bonuses. (Exa. $1000 bonus times 25% performance produces a $250.00 bonus.


  1. Last Name

  1. First Name

  1. Email Address?

  1. City

  1. State? MI = Michigan NOTE: Be sure to use the 2-letter abbreviation for your state.

  1. Which program(s) are you most interested in receiving more information? Check all that apply.
    TEN The Entrepreneur's Network
    YBC Youth Business Council/Legacy Leaders Academy (LLA)
    YGA Youth Government Association/Legacy Leaders Academy (LLA)
    CSL Computer Sports League/Legacy Leaders Academy (LLA)
    HEAT Helping Educators Ally Tactfully/Community-Based School Boards
    HIT "Houston Is Talking" Radio Show

  1. Choose a desired level of involvement and income?
    PM: Project Manager-Expected earnings $5,000-$10,000+ monthly
    PD: Program Director-Expected earning $3,000-$5,000+ monthly
    TL: Team Leader-Expected earnings $1,,000-$3,000 monthly
    TM: Team Member-Expected earnings $500-$1,000

  1. Choose the focus for your target market. All figures represent national objectives. (Choose all that apply) NOTE:
    Cities - 200 (4 per your state)
    Colleges - 1,000 (20 per your state)
    School Districts - 1,000 (20 per your state)
    Churches - 5,000 (100 per your state)
    Small Businesses - 5,000 (100 per your state)
    Non-Profits - 5,000 (100 per your state)
    High Schools - 1,000 (20 per your state)
    Middle/Intermediate Schools - 2,000 (40 per your state)
    Elementary Schools - 2,500 (50 per your state)

  1. Select your desired monthly income goal.
    $500 ($6K annually)
    $1,000 ($12K annually)
    $3,000 ($36K annually)
    $5,000 ($60K annually)
    $10,000 ($120K annually)
    $25,000 ($300K annually)
    $50,000 ($600K annually)
    $100,000+ ($1.2 million annually)

  1. Which virtual "Open Meeting" Live Webinar would you attend?

  1. Who referred you to the program? (exa. last name, first name)

  1. What is THEIR Business Associates/Store/Back Office #? Use #100014 to join the team, if you do not have a person who referred you.)

Errol A. Jones, M.Ed., MBA
Executive Director
Houston, TX