Sociology and Psychology Outcomes Assessment
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As stated in the College catalog, "MCC recognizes the importance of preparing students for success in both their personal and professional lives.  MCC students develop, across the curriculum, both the knowledge base of a program of study as well as the career skills needed to become a productive individual, an effective and contributing team member, and a person who appreciates the importance of lifelong learning and self improvement." 

  "Vital to the preparation for life-long learning skills is the development of competencies in:

  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Information Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Social Cultural Awareness "  (MCC Catalog: 2010)

Although most, if not all, of these competencies are addressed in each general education class, the Psychology and Sociology Departments specifically address the competencies of Scientific Inquiry and Social Cultural Awareness.  Since many major do not include a science class specifically,  it is imperative that the social science courses provide content to enable students to reach the scientific inquiry competency.  Our course should all explore the process and vocabulary of the scientific method and encourage students to assess the validity of scientific information and "make informed judgments about science-related topics and/or policies." 

"Social and cultural awareness provides the basis to understand how each of us shapes, and is shaped by, our culture and society."    In addition, our courses recognize and promote "understanding of the obligation to engage in ethical, safe, and legal behaviors." 

"MCC values and encourages the systematic assessment and improvement of teaching and learning. The College's faculty-led Outcomes Assessment Committee has coordinated the implementation of a College-wide Program for the Assessment of Student Learning.  The following purposes for the assessment of student learning have been stated:

  • improving the teaching and learning process
  • improving programs and courses
  • providing accountability to the community
  • providing data for informed decision-making "  (MCC College Catalog)

The Psychology and Sociology Departments are actively involved in measuring our contribution to the General Educations Competencies and using those measurements to accomplish curriculum revision and enhancement. 

 This webpage is designed to share common materials among full-time and adjunct faculty members. 

The next faculty meeting and development session related to Outcomes Assessment for PSYC and SOCI faculty is scheduled for August 31, 2010 from 6 - 9 p.m.  Location to be announced.

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