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Welcome to Quia!

We hope you will find the Quia features to be of use in your classes.  See below for some sample activities and some useful links for learning to use the Quia web resources. 

Contact Lynn Bradman ( 531-622-2217; Sharyn Leigh ( 531-622-2870 or Jenni Fauchier ( 531-622-2465 for additional assistance. 

My Quia activities and quizzes
PSYC 1120 Research Roll Call
World Capitals
SOCI 2060 Arab Vocabulary
SOCI 1010 Review for Roll Call July 18, 2018
Multiplication Madness!
Population - Key Issue #2 - Cloze Activity
US History - Colonial Challenge!
Women in Beatles Songs
Class and Instructor Evaluation
Order the Planets
Chapter 3 Essay Question
SOC 205 Chapters 1 - 5 Review
Chad Colburn's Module 6 Battleship Review
Black History Month
be careful to be politcally correct!!!
4th Grade ISAT Math Practice
Tools 61_89
Normal Balances
US Physical Map Quiz
Classroom Korean (8)
(8) Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks
Useful links
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