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A.P. Human Geography

Welcome to your A.P. Human Geography Quia Webpage! Please remember that you can access your Home and Class Wiki in two ways: You can get onto Edline and access it there, or go to the links at the bottom of this page - click on #1 link. You'll go directly to your Home Wiki page. From there you can go to your Class Wiki page. Urban Model: Concentric Zone, Sector Model, Multiple Nuclei Model


Open this from here! These are notes that will TRULY help you get ready for the A.P. Human Geography Exam!!!

Hear ye, Hear ye!!! New Practice tests have been added to the links at the bottom of this Webpage! Please practice these! Some are by unit, and some are more comprehensive!

  • 1. A.P. Human Geography Course Outline
  • Below you will find Microsoft Word information pages about important Human Geography concepts. You will find Powerpoint presentations about Population Pyramids and Weber's Least-Cost Theory, as well as many other topics. Go to the Activities section, and you will be able to test yourself on important terms using lots of different games. The links section gives you our Fellman, Getis, Getis text link, as well as course links and the College Board page. Make sure to prepare and spend time on this Webpage!
  • 2. This is an article about Land Use and Bid Rent.
  • 3. This is an article about Maquiladoras in Mexico.This is about Maquiladoras in Mexico.
  • 4. This file is about primary through quinary economic activities.Types of economic activities.
  • 5.Manufacturing Belts.
  • 6. Renewable and nonrenewable Information about renewable and nonrenewable resources
  • 7. Von-Thunen Bid Rent information.
  • 8. Von-Thunen's model of Land Use.
  • 9. Tertiary Sector in Industry
  • 10.Alfred Weber's Least Cost Theory
  • 11. Gravity ModelGravity Model
  • 12. Intensive Agriculture and Green RevolutionIntensive Agriculture and Green Revolution
  • 13. Information about Alfred Weber's Least-Cost TheoryWeber
  • 14. Article on Thomas Malthus ControlsMalthus Article
  • 15. Population Pyramids Presentation Population Pyramids
  • 16. Population Reference Bureau Presentation
  • 17. A.P. Human Geography Course Syllabus
  • 18. Land Use Burgess
  • 19. This is your World Geography SOL Packet!!!
  • My Quia activities and quizzes
    Human Geography Terms #1
    Human Geography Terms #2
    Human Geography Terms #3
    Human Geography Terms #4
    Human Geography Terms #5
    Looking at the Earth - 2002 edition (A)
    Human Imprint in the Modern World
    Human Imprints of the Past
    Looking at the Earth - 2002 edition (A)
    Geography World - Culture (Modern)
    Geography of the World
    Geography and Map Skills Handbook - (A)
    Geography World - Map and Globe Skills
    Asia: Countries & Capitals
    European Countries and Capitals
    Earth's physical features
    Capitals of Countries in Africa
    Geography and Map Skills Handbook
    Latitude and Longitude Pretest
    Geography World - Ecosystems / Biomes
    Geography World - Culture (Modern)
    Reading contour maps
    Water, Climate, and Vegetation - 2002 edition
    Fundamental Themes of Geography
    A World of Climates
    Geography World - Resources / Energy
    Geography of the World
    Geographical Terms
    Top 10 Countries - Quality of Life
    Vocabulary: Section 3-2 Population
    Vocabulary: Section 3-1 Culture
    Geography and Map Skills Handbook (Fill-in)
    The World's People
    Glencoe Chapter 16 Multiple Choice
    World Resources and Economic Activity
    Ch 12 & 13 Retake exam
    Ch 10-Agriculture Exam-Wilcox
    A.P. Human Geography Practice Test
    A.P. Human Geo Practice Test #2
    A.P. Human Geography Practice Test #3
    Geography World - Ancient Culture
    Ch 1 A Geographer's World
    Chapter 1 Test - Wilcox
    A.P. Human Geography Practice Test
    AP Human Geography Practice Test 2010
    AP Human Geography Practice Exam 2011
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