Ms. J
Social Science Educator
Lansing High
USD 469
14121 147th Street
Lansing, KS
United States
Phone: 913-727-3357
About me
My passion, as a teacher, is to encourage my students to form their own opinions and learn to think critically about information put before them.

I am a graduate of Emporia State University. I am currently working towards my Masters in teaching American History and Government at Ashland University. I will graduate from Ashland with my MAT in May 2019.

My Philosophy: Education
Every student is an individual and each individual has different talents, skills, and interests. My goal is to keep this in mind when expressing expectations and incorporating activities into the history classroom.
When students leave my classroom, I hope they do so with a greater understanding of the role they play in the scheme of world affairs. Additionally, I hope they take from their experiences more skills than they walked in with.

Project Based Learning and other elements of my classroom are geared towards providing students exposure to real-life tasks such as communication, research, inquiry, and working both individually and as a team to meet a predetermined goal.
My links
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