Regan L. Barr
Founder and Instructor
The Lukeion Project
Nashville Area, TN
United States
About me
Regan Barr is a classically trained archaeologist with degrees from The University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Christian University, and Midwest Christian College. His excavation experience includes:
  • Jordan (at Abila of the Decapolis)
  • Greece (at the Mycenaean citadel of Midea)
  • Turkey (at Troy, the site of the Trojan War)

Regan and Amy Barr have always homeschooled their own three children. They founded The Lukeion Project in 2005, an educational endeavor devoted to making excellence in the Classics available outside the university classroom. At The Lukeion Project Regan's teaching responsibilities focus on Classical Attic Greek, Ancient Greek History, The Witty Wordsmith (Greek and Latin word roots), The Barbarian Diagrammarian (English grammar), and Advanced Research Writing (for juniors and seniors in high school). He also teaches a variety of workshops devoted to various interests within the Classical and Biblical World.

In 2008, The Lukeion Project began leading Family Expeditions to the Classical world. The inaugural tour, attended by 44 intrepid travelers, was to Italy. Our tours are not the standard "canned" tours. Every one is different, including both the well-known, must-see sites, and other spectacular undiscovered gems that are off the beaten track.
  • 2008 - Italy
  • 2009 - Greece
  • 2010 - Turkey
  • 2011 - Italy
  • 2012 - Greece
  • 2013 - Turkey
  • 2014 - Italy & Sicily
  • 2015 - Greece
  • 2017 - Italy
  • 2018 - Greece
Lukeion Expeditions, unlike most tours, encourages families to travel together rather than leaving the kids at home.
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