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Terre Haute South Vigo High School World History AP
Hello students and thanks so much for taking the challenge of AP World History. This year will be an amazing adventure of knowledge and discovery. I hope to inspire all of you to realize just how vast the world is and that you can make a difference in it! Change can come from the smallest places! Good luck and remember Aristotle's famous quote "We are repeatedly what we do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit".

Very helpful website with video:

Bridging World History-Very helpful series created by college professor around the US to help students! There are write ups and videos on each topic. Please use -it will help your studies!!!! Directions to get to the videos: Open the unit you want to study and click on “view the video” in the bottom left of the screen (I usually have to click it twice to open).

John Green's review of history with his videos are also very popular

My Rubrics for written work

DBQ's (Document Based Question) = DBQ Rubric

LEQ"s (Long Essay Question-can be comparative, continuity/change, causation, contextualization, or more)= LEQ Rubric

Short Answer Questions = SAQ Rubric/ Notes

Links to essay rubrics from College Board

Helpful chapter outlines:

Chapter 2 notes

Chapter 6 Notes

Chapter 7 Notes

Chapter 10 updated notes

chapter 11 updated notes

chapter 14 Notes updated

chapter 15 notes updated

Old Notes

Chapter 1 Notes Human Prehistory to early civilizations

Interactive Map of the Global spread of hominids and Homo Sapiens

Chapter 2 notes Classical Civilization of China

Chapter 2 and 3 notes Classical Civilization of China and India

chapter 4 notes Mediterranean -Greece and Rome

Chapter 5 notesDecline of classical civilizations

chapter 6 Notes Rise and spread of Islam and Umayyads

Chapter 7 Notes Abbasid Empire continued and spread of Islamic Civilization

Chapter 8 notes African Civilization

chapter 9 notes Byzantine and Russia

chapter 10 notes Western Europe

Chapter 11 notes Americas-Aztec and Incans

chapter 12 notes Sui, Tang, Song China

Chapter 13 NotesJapan, Korea, and Vietnam

chapter 14 notes The Mongols

chapter 15 notes Rise of Europe

chapter 16 notes The World Economy

Chapter 17 Notes Europe's many wars and changes (religion, political, and thought)

chapter 18 notesRussia

chapter 19 notesEarly Latin America and colonial rule

chapter 20 notesAfrica and the slave trade

Chapter 21 NotesThe Ottoman Empire, the Mughal Empire, and the Safavid Empire

Chapter 22 notesAsia and European contact, Ming dynasty, Zhenghe, and Japanese isolation

Chapter 23 notes Revolutions: America Rev, French Rev, creation of Italy and Germany, new ideas

Chapter 24 notesIndustrial Revolution and colonization expands

Chapter 25 notesLatin American independence and development

Chapter 26 NotesLand Based Empires: Ottomans and the Qing

Chapter 27 NotesIndustrial State lead revolutions of Japan and Russia

Chapter 28 NotesWord War I

Chapter 29 NotesBetween wars: Rise of Fascism and Russia: NEP-Stalin

Chapter 30 NotesWWII, Holocaust, Independence of former colonies

chapter 30 and 31 video clips

Chapter 31 NotesCold War

Chapter 32 NotesLatin America end of the 21st century

Dachau Trip 2008

vacation pics

Silk road assignment:

I decided to take it easy on you and post a few videos instead of making you read a really long and boring website. It would be a wise idea to take some notes over the videos as you watch them-especially as it relates to commodities exchanged. After viewing the following websites, scroll down to the Silk Roads quiz and take it. Good Luck and I will see you on Tuesday for sure!!!

silk road websites:

Welcome to the Brief Review in Global History and Geography Web site. Here you can test your knowledge with multiple-choice questions from actual Regents exams. You'll find out right away what you know and what you need to work on before your exam. You can also practice your test-taking skills on document-based essay questions (DBQs)

Videos: Videos are posted by other people than the instructor on the internet and I am just providing students with links to these sites (posted by others). Most videos are from youtube and all videos links are posted for educational/ academic uses for this World History course. Links are simply posted as a means to help students who'd like to revisit material before tests or who have been absent.

My Quia activities and quizzes
Introduction Quiz
Early Americas reading quiz
Early Africa
Mesopotamia Quiz-refer to your hand out
Ancient India Quiz
Egypt and China review game
Unit 1 Review
Silk Road Quiz
Mahabharata Quiz
Chapter 2-3 Review
Chapter 3 Review (NEW)
Empires of Persia
Chapter 4: Persia, Greece, and Rome Quiz
Chapter 4: Hellenistic Culture
Chapter 4 Review Game-Hellenistic Empires
Chapter 4 Review Game -Persian Empire
Chapter 4 Review Game: Greece (21 ?)
Chapter 4 Review Game: Rome
Qin, Han, Mauryan, and Gupta
Chapter 6 Islam review into Abbasids too
Chapter 6 and 7 Islam and caliphates review
Chapter 7: Abbasid Decline and Spread of Islam
chapter 8 and 9 review questions with some old review questions
Early European Middle Ages and Early Byzantine
Chapter 10-11 (Rise of Islam - Middle Ages of Europe and East Asia)
Chapter 10 review
Chapter 11: Aztecs (234-244)
Chapter 11 review quiz
Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Sui, Tang, Song
Sui, Song China and Japan, Korea, and Vietnam
Western Europe (People Only)
Islamic World in the Middle Ages
African history review game (Middle Ages)
Mongol review quizz
chapter 11 and 14 Review Game
Chapter 15 Review Game
The World Economy: Chapter 16
Renaissance Review-Scavenger Hunt
Dynastic Wars-chapter 17
Protestant Reformation and French Wars of Religion (Chapter 17)
Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution -chapter 17
English Civil War and Glorious Revolution-chapter 17
Economics -chapter 17
Chapter 17 Review Quiz
Chapter 18 Review Quiz
Chapter 18 and 21 review
Chapter 19 Review Game
Chapter 19 Reading Quiz (to page 421- due by Sunday Night)
Chapter 20 Review Game
Chapter 21-22 Quiz
Reading Quiz for chapter 23 primary sources
Chapter 22: Reading Quiz part one (482-491)
Chapter 23 Review Game
Chapter 24: Industrialization and Imperialism
Chapter 25 Reading Quiz (562-568) [Latin American Consoldiation]
Chapter 25 reading quiz 568-579
chapter 26 reading quiz (590-604)
Chapter 25-26 Game
Chapter 25 Review Game (56 terms)
Chapter 26 (Ottoman Empire and Egypt)
Chapter 26: Qing China
Chapter 27 Reading Quiz
26-27 Review Quiz
Chapter 26-27 Review Game
Chapter 27: Russian and Japan modernize (52)
Chapter 28 Reading Quiz (644-657)
Chapter 28 reading quiz-part 2 (657-669)
Chapter 28: WWI
29 Section 1 Reading Quiz (pgs 672-685)
Chapter 29 Reading Quiz (672-690)
Chapter 29, section 2 reading quiz (pgs. 685-703)
Chapter 30 Reading Quiz 706-719
Chapter 31 Reading Quiz pg. 732-745
Foundations Review Quiz
Review: Foundations (75 questions)
UNIT 1 and II REVIEW QUIZ (for credit quiz due after Thanksgiving)
UNIT II review
Unit III Review Quiz [Practice]
Unit III -600-1450 (official quiz)
Early Modern History Quia 1450-1750 (Period 4 Quiz)
1750-1900 (ish) Review Questions: Unit V
Unit VI Quiz 1900-Present
chapter 12-13 Review for Test prep
Chapter 18, 19, and 20 Review (2016-NEW)
Chapter 6-7 Review of classical empires
chapter 18 Review (new)
chapter 19 review (new)
chapter 20 Review (new)
Useful links
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