Academic Chemistry
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Welcome to Academic Chemistry!!! This page should assist you in preparing for tests, quizes, and lab activities. We will be completing a lot of activities, labs, and classroom exercises and this webpage will assist you in being successful in this course.
Density Practice Homework
Flinn Lab Safety Contract
Sig Figs and Measurement
States of Matter Chart

Chapter 4 Atoms and Atomic Mass
Fathers of Atomic Theory
Isotopes DO NOW
Isotopes Percent Composition
POGIL Isotopes
Pop Quiz Isotopes
POP Quiz Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons
Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons Half Sheet

Power Point
Classroom Expectations Power Point - this is the power point from the first days of school
Note Taking Power Point
Lab Safety Power Point
Matter and Change - Chapter 1

Lab 1 Record Sheet - Measurement and Safety ---------- Lab 1 - Rubric Safety and Measurement

SDS sheets
Calcium Chloride
Phenol Red
Non-Ultra Dawn
Reactive Dye Black
Reactive Dye BlueReactive Dye GreenReactive Dye Hot Pink Reactive Dye RedReactive Dye Royal Purple Reactive Dye Sky BlueReactive Dye TurquoiseReactive Dye Yellow
My Quia activities and quizzes
QUIZ: History of atomic models
Mod 3 Prep - Atoms and Ions
Science Laboratory Safety Test
Module 3 Vocabulary Quiz
Due December 22, 2017
Module 4 Vocabulary
The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Light
Electron Configuration Matching Game
Mod 3 - Multiple Choice
Electron Configuration Notation
Module 4 - Light and Electromagnetic Spectrum
Module 4 Test
Academic Chemistry - Module 5 Vocabulary
Periodic Table Quiz
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