International Relations
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Theories of IR
Theories of International Relations IR Balance of Power Vocabulary
Systems Study Guide
Tools of IR
Tools of International Relations Tools of IR vocabulary handout
Law of the Sea Worksheet
Economic Sanctions Worksheet
International Organizations
United Nations
United Nations Diagram

Diplomacy Board Game
Online Diplomacy Board Game
Israel Case Study
Creation of Israel Powerpoint
Israeli Government Powerpoint
Israel map and map quiz
Six Day War movie and questions
Creation of Israel reading and questions
Vocabulary handout and quiz
Encounter Point movie and questions
Six Day War simulation
Timeline group practice
Israel movie project
Israel test
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy from end of WWII to Vietnam
Foreign Policy Vietnam War
Foreign Policy After Vietnam War
Foreign Policy to Present
Soviets in Afghanistan
Foreign Policy Terrorism
IR Balance of Power Vocabulary
Systems Study Guide
My Quia activities and quizzes
International Relations Systems Practice Quiz
International Relations Tools Practice Quiz
International Relations United Nations Practice Quiz
Israel Vocabulary
Israel Practice Quiz
Israel Vocabulary Quiz
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